Time To Die: Dungeons

Posted by on Feb 13, 2015 in All, Available, Games

Time To Die: Dungeons

Playable itch.io link:
(included in sequel) https://thatwhichis.itch.io/time-to-die-adventures

• Twenty-one Maps to Explore
• Online High Score List
• Item / Monster Collections
• Unlockable Trophies
• Adventure!

Embark on a dangerous journey through winding caverns and treacherous ruins, collecting treasures and battling monsters! Time To Die: Dungeons is a tough-as-nails top-down dungeon-crawler, inspired by classic arcade games and a love of adventure. Time to Die: Dungeons is a retro-style adventure/role-playing game developed in the proprietary Stout Engine (running in HTML5 and JavaScript). TTD: Dungeons is the first in a planned series of games, with the eventual goal being cross-platform cooperative and competitive multi-player.


ttdd_screenshot_01 ttdd_screenshot_02 ttdd_screenshot_03 ttdd_screenshot_04