ThatWhichIs Media
Based in Orlando, Florida

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September 20, 2012


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Knifey-Spoony The Video Game
Pencil Pushers
One Life
Time To Die Dungeons
The Point
Those Devils Ducks
2014 Indie Galactic Space Jam

ThatWhichIs Media
C/O Phyken Media
401 S Rosalind Ave
Orlando, FL 32801

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ThatWhichIs Media is an Orlando-based independent game development studio owned and operated by sole proprietor Corey Cochran.


Early History

ThatWhichIs Media was founded in late 2012 by Corey Cochran to pursue his goal of making meaningful video games with which players could connect on deeper emotional levels. This goal led, of course, to the development of ThatWhichIs Media's first game: an Android game titled 'Zombaldo' in which the player smashes zombies on a touch screen, released April 2013. Also in April 2013 Corey suffered a personal loss, leading to the six hour development of his first Ludum Dare entry 'one life,' a game about the contemplation of suicide in which patience and consideration are mechanics. 'one life' won 52nd place in "Humor" out of more than 1,000 entries.

After That

Since then, ThatWhichIs Media has published several mobile titles to both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store, including 'Those Devils, Ducks'/'Asshole Ducks'(in collaboration with artist Katie Archbold), 'Knifey-Spoony: The Video Game'(voiced by Tom Alexander), and 'thepoint.,' and has presented games at IndieNomicon monthly meetups and exhibitions, Orlando Professional IGDA meetings, and two annual Otronicon events. Corey has worked on various jam collaborations and self-published myriad free web games. ThatWhichIs Media sponsored the first annual Indie Galactic Space Jam in July 2014, of which Corey is a founder and organizing member (and at which he put together 'the Martian Trail'), and also sponsored the 2015 Downtown Orlando Global Game Jam. In late 2014 Corey developed a Unity integrated USBmicro U421 controller for a 'Scent Palette' device to assist in a UCF graduate psychology study using virtual simulations.


'Time To Die: Dungeons,' a collaborative effort with David Sushil of Bad Pilcrow, was published in March 2015 across a multitude of platforms, the first in a planned series of games using the internally developed Stout game engine. Working with Dr. Peter Smith of the UCF SVAD, ThatWhichIs Media is continuing development of the world's first manual pencil-sharpener controlled competitive pencil sharpening game. Corey acts annually as Technical Director of the Florida Film Festival, a festival accredited as a qualifying festival for the OscarsĀ® in the Live Action Short and Animated Short film categories, and his most recent Ludum Dare entry, Spacebook, won 11th place in "Humor."



Pencil Pushers at Otronicon - WOFL Fox 35 - 20150117 YouTube

Those Devils Ducks, at IndieNomicon - 20140904 YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "11th Place in 'Humor' - 'Spacebook'" - Ludum Dare 31, December, 2014
  • "43rd Place in 'Humor' - 'Asshole Ducks'" - Ludum Dare 28, December, 2013
  • "52nd Place in 'Humor' - 'one life'" - Ludum Dare 26, April, 2013

Downtown Orlando Global Game Jam
ThatWhichIs Media acts as a sponsor and event organizer for DTO GGJ: http://www.orlandogamejam.com/.

Indie Galactic Space Jam
Corey Cochran is a founder and event organizer for IGSJ: http://www.indiegalacticspacejam.com/.

Corey Cochran is a volunteer program manager for IndieNomicon: http://www.indienomicon.com/.

Florida Film Festival
Corey Cochran act as Technical Director for the FFF: http://www.floridafilmfestival.com/.

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Corey Cochran
Owner, ThatWhichIs Media

Katie Archbold
Artist, TernCraft Games

Reyna Mazzotta
Artist, TernCraft Games

Kunal Patel
President, Phyken Media

Dr. Peter Smith
Professor, UCF SVAD

David Sushil
Owner, Bad Pilcrow/Co-Owner TernCraft Games

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