Time To Die: Adventures

Posted by on Jul 17, 2016 in All, Available, Featured, Games

Time To Die: Adventures

Playable itch.io link:

• Forty-Five Story Maps To Explore
• Generative DLC Campaigns
• Five Pets To Aid Your Hero
• Includes Prequel TTD: Dungeons
• Puzzles!!

Time To Die: Adventures is the second in a planned series of games by Orlando-based developers (and sole-proprietors) Bad Pilcrow and ThatWhichIs Media, meant to deploy in tandem with the continuing development of a proprietary JavaScript SDK. Many hours of work have gone into this game; please consider supporting us in our continuing endeavors.

iOS_iPhone6_1334x750_05_Amelia iOS_iPhone6_1334x750_04_Puzzle iOS_iPhone6_1334x750_03_BulletH iOS_iPhone6_1334x750_01_SlimeIsland